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Management of social and health knowledge,
For Development in Latin America and the Caribbean


Salutia Foundation is an organization without intention to profit born in the strategic direction framework of Synergia S.A to be devoted to the academic and research profile in social and health services.

Salutia is focused to the generation of knowledge, being its main purpose: to develop studies and scientific and technological research, carrying out the administration of research projects in health sciences (medicine, public health, epidemiology and other health sciences and disciplines), social sciences (economics, politics, management and other sciences and social disciplines) and information sciences, endorsed and recognized as research group within the national system of science and technology in Colombia, contributing to the development of knowledge carrying out actions of (i) Production of scientific and scientific technological – research knowledge (ii) Application of knowledge to solve social and health problems and transfer of such knowledge–education (iii) Divulging knowledge. We are a Foundation that contributes to the resolution of the main people's social and health problems of populations, the improvement of social and health services in Colombia, the Latin America and Caribbean countries, among others.


To create, apply and share knowledge in public health from the perspective of politics, economics and other social sciences for the human and social development in Colombia, Latin America and the Caribbean, by means of a trans-disciplinary work and continuous search of the professional and human perception of the team of people making part of it.


To be in 2020 a research center widely regarded for its leadership and suitability in its scientific and academic contributions to the human and social development in Colombia, Latin America and the Caribbean, and for contributing in the perception of the team of people making part of it.

Research guides


arango      Dr.Carlos Humberto Arango Bautista
MD. MSc. PhD (c)

Politics, economy and administration in health

The management integrates the concepts of [health + politics + economics] for the administration of knowledge and institutional intelligence in public health, in rendering public health services and health systems, by means of the generation of knowledge, its application and transfer and the generation and development of technologies

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martinDr. Martín Emilio Romero Prada
MD. MSc. PhD (c)

Economy of health and evaluation of sanitary technology

The multidisciplinary team integrating it has been focused in research applied with emphasis in economic evaluation of technologies, analysis of effectiveness, life quality studies and the construction of economic and health models starting from databases; seeking for the scientific development in Latin America.

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Research lines


Care quality in health and the patient's safety


Life quality and PRO


Clinical outcomes


Economy, policies and administration of health services


 Education and Health Promotion


Evaluation of sanitary technologies


 Impact Evaluation in health


 Modeling and simulation in health and social security


Analytic and foreseeing models based on databases and real world data


Adjustment model for risk in health


• Social Policies, economy and administration of public health


• Social Policies in health  (evaluation, analysis, incidence)


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